Homemade Mask Template

This homemade mask pattern is a simplified alternative that anyone can follow, and still achieve a fully fitted mask.

Please note that these are not 'Medically Graded/ Surgical' masks, will not prevent the contraction of COVID-19, and should be used merely as a last resort. However, it is advised that if you have symptoms of the virus, you should wear a mask to help prevent further spread of the disease. 

This is not a substitute for washing your hands. 

We understand there is a lot of conflicting advice as of current, so this is merely a tool if you so choose to use it. 

Materials recommended (minimum 2 layers):

100% Cotton Tea Towel
100% Cotton Voille (Pillowcase Material)
100% Cotton Muslin (Cheese Cloth / Cloth Strainer) 
100% Cotton Jersey (T-shirt Material)

STRAPS: 25mm width Stretch Ribbon / Elastic  or Normal Ribbon
WIRE: 20 gauge wire (picture hanging wire)



Please note: Be sure to wash all materials before hand to avoid shrinkage.
Wash after each use.

1. Cut ribbon lengths using A4 Page as guideline 
(2.5 page lengths for stretch ribbon / 3 page lengths for non-stretch ribbon)

2. Cut out 'Material Template' and layer fabrics underneath the cut template.
Layer your materials in the following order:
Outer layer > Inner / Mouth Layer > any additional other layers
Pin layers together and cut. 

3. Stitch the top and bottom (long sides) of the mask together with approx. 1cm seam allowance. 

4. Cut 2 pieces of wire with Wire Length Guideline from PDF

5. Lay mask with 'outer layer' side facing down. Centre the wire along top and bottom stitch lines and Hot Glue / Kraft Glue in place.

6. Open the unstitched sides between the 'outer' and 'inner' layer and push the layers through to flip the material inside out.

7. Iron flat. 

8. Make two rough pleats along each side (evenly spaced) and pin in place.

9. Stitch the sides to keep the pleats secure. 

10.  Fold one ribbon length in half to find the centre point. Align centre point with the middle of the mask and fold ribbon evenly along the edge-line. Pin in place. 

11. Stitch ribbon in place, and repeat on other side.

Washing Instructions:
Machine or hand wash with preferred Laundry detergent and leave to dry in the sun. 

Materials used in Instructional video:
Layer 1 (outside) - Cotton Ticking
Layer 2 - Cotton Jersey
Layer 3 - Cotton Voille
STRAPS: 15mm Elastic ribbon (we recommend using 25mm for ease) 
WIRE: 20 Gauge Picture Hanging copper wire.  

If you know of any elderly or at-risk individuals who cannot currently get their hands on any form of mask, please reach out and we will be happy provide for them. Please note we only have very limited resources so please respect priority will be with those who need them most.  


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